How to give loans to individuals?

Customer Requirements
  • Azerbaijan citizens, citizens of the Republic of Turkey who have permission to live and work, whose main workplace is in Azerbaijan can apply for the loan.
  • Minimum age required to apply for the loan determined as 22 years. Closing date of the loan must not exceed the retirement age of the loaner.  
Collateral Requirements25 000 AZN or equivalent in foreign currency – 1 guarantor
25 000 AZN – 50.000 AZN or equivalent in foreign currency (To group of clients with A rating up to 100.000 AZN)- gold/ real estate/ 2 guarantors
50.000 AZN and higher amounts or equivalent in foreign currency – gold/ real estate. Guarantor must be Citizen of Azerbaijan Republic / Turkish Republic.
TenorMaximum 36 Months
Payment FormAnnutiy

My Internet banking account has been blocked. How do I unblock?

In this case, the Call Center should be contacted. The call center can unblock the user.

Is it necessary to open an account to transfer money?

- Up to $ 1,000 can be transferred without opening an account.

What is the maximum amount of money permitted to transfer abroad during the day?

   You can transfer up to $ 1,000 or equivalent  amount to retail customers during the day (Family members are excluded. You can transfer up to 10 000 USD by submitting a document confirming the relationship.) 

Do you have TRY transfer to Turkey?

Yes, you can transfer TRY to Turkey.