What We Offer For Your Safety

In order to access the Internet Banking provided by our bank, the user is checked by the system after going through certain security steps.
Our retail customers enter their customer numbers and passwords in the first step; in the next step, they can pass identification using Ziraat Mobile confirmation notification or SMS passwords according to their wishes. In Ziraat Mobile confirmation notification or at the step of using the SMS password, they will definitely see the Name-Surname information, the previously recorded security message and the security image on the screen. These are security features that ensure our customers are truly on the Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Internet Banking page.
Our corporate customers enter their corporate customer numbers (and sub-users retail customer numbers) and passwords in the first step; in the next step, they can authenticate using Ziraat Mobile confirmation notification or SMS passwords according to their wishes. In Ziraat Mobile confirmation notification or at the step of using the SMS password, they will definitely see the Name-Surname information, the previously recorded security message and the security image on the screen. A connection should be created by writing "" instead of the address of the browser, the Internet Banking address should be " or "".
If you do not do any work for 10 minutes while you are in Internet Banking, a warning window will appear and you will be asked if you want to continue working. If you do not respond to this window within 30 seconds or select "Exit", your current session will be closed. If you choose to resume, you will pick up where you left off.

Security in Ziraatbank Azerbaijan Mobile application

Our Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Mobile application is supported on mobile phones with Android and IOS operating systems.
At the first login to the Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Mobile application, the customer number and password are entered in a form similar to internet banking.
Unlike Internet Banking, there is a feature that allows you to log in only by entering a password, which can be remembered at will and does not ask for a customer number at each login.
Both Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Mobile and Internet Banking logins are presented as a security option, thanks to the Mobile Verification technology, Easy signature, and a high level of security verification is ensured by introducing the device on the mobile phones of our customers. When you change your security option to Easy Mobile login in the Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Mobile application, your verification is done without the need for the SMS password asked in the second step and you can enter a single password. When you change your security option to Biometric ID login in the Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Mobile application, your verification takes place without the need for the SMS and login password asked in the second step, and you can log in with your biometric data alone.


Internet Banking SSL Security Certificate

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Internet Banking SSL Security Certificate is a security protocol created by Netscape to ensure security and privacy in data exchange over the network. SSL ensures that the data sent can only be deciphered at the correct address. Data is automatically encrypted before sending and can only be deciphered by the correct recipient. Confidentiality and integrity of transaction and data is protected by authentication on both sides.
For your safety, Internet Banking-server certificates use the "Digicert SSL" certificate, which has 128/256 bit encryption feature, which enables users to more easily distinguish fraudulent sites from safe sites and protect against phishing and other threats. If you are using an updated browser that supports this functionality, with  Digicert SSL  your browser's address bar will appear green when you log in to Internet Banking. You can view the details of the certificate that is a secure site by clicking on the address bar.
If the site has already been detected as fake, the address bar appears in red. Certificates we use are supported in 99,3 % browser.
Use a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera; if you are not using it, we recommend that you update your browser for free from the official websites of the respective software companies.

Security in the Call Center

When you call our Call Center number *9229, you will need to confirm yourself with a secret word.
A secret word is personal information about you. In this regard, it is important that you do not share it with anyone, do not record it in any digital or physical medium.
All calls made by Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan are made to numbers registered in the bank. For this reason, your number registered in the bank must always be active.
All calls to our Call Center are recorded.
We wish you a nice day and let you know that we are on the phone to help you during business days.

Security for Card and ATM users

• Do not ask for help from strangers or accept offers of help when using an ATM.
• Your PIN code (4-digit code) is your personal information. This password is confidential and must be kept confidential. If you have doubts about the password being learned by outsiders, it is recommended to notify the bank and change your password.
• Do not keep the card pin code written on your card, in your wallet or bag.
• Do not use your card information on sites you do not trust.
• Block your card immediately if it is lost or stolen. Card blocking methods:
A) 24/7 through the Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan mobile application (link to download the mobile application: for IOS -; for Android, Windows or other systems ;
B) *9229 by calling our customer service (on working days from 9:00 to 18:00);
C) (+994 12) 194, (+994 12) 505 21 51 by calling Azericard (24/7).
• Do not use personal information that can be easily guessed when setting your pin code. Change as often as possible.
• Do not trust people who call you and ask you to read your card information, the information on the card, the code sent to your mobile phone during card transactions. It is normal to be asked to verify your information only when you call.
• If your card is kept, stolen or lost at an ATM , report the incident by calling during working days  *9229 Call Center, non-working days 24/7 (+994 12) 194, (+994 12) 505 21 51 Azericard.

Privacy Policy

• Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC takes the necessary measures to ensure the highest level of privacy and security of customer data within the framework of legal regulations and in this direction implements the following points on our Bank's website and internet banking.
• Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC to carry out banking activities and ensure uninterrupted services, from channels such as Head Office, Branches, ATMs, Internet banking, Call center; the personal information provided verbally, in writing or electronically, as the data controller, is using accordance with the law.
• Customer data is obtained only for product and service requests on our Bank's website, and both product and service requests and sales operations are carried out by obtaining customer data through our Bank's internet banking or using existing registered data.
• Our bank attaches importance to protecting the privacy and security of personal data. Accordingly, necessary technical and administrative security measures are taken to protect personal data from unauthorized access, damage, loss or disclosure. The Bank is not responsible for the security and privacy of links provided on the website to access other websites. It will not be held responsible for any financial or moral losses that may occur as a result of accessing these sites.
• Any personal data of customers required from the Bank's website or Internet Banking for the sale/application of products and services, or available in our Bank's system and viewable through the Internet Banking, is never shared with third parties without the customer's consent. Customer data may only be shared with legal entities and authorities authorized to access customer data upon request.
• Third party access to information entered by our customers through the website or Internet Banking is blocked. In order to protect the privacy of our customers' personal data, our Bank's system and internet infrastructure have been maintained at the most reliable level and necessary precautions have been taken.
• Our Bank obtains support services from various institutions when deemed necessary and ensures that the relevant institutions operate in accordance with the Bank's privacy standards and conditions. Our bank ensures that the data processors with whom it has signed a contract attach at least as much importance to information security as it does and act with a sense of shared responsibility, and also guarantees this on the basis of the contract. Data processors, according to the definition in the legislation, process personal data only in accordance with the instructions of Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC, within the framework of the contract concluded with Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC and in accordance with the legislation.
• The copyright of information, materials and their organization on the website of our bank belongs to Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC. All copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights related to the information and materials on our bank's website are protected by our Bank, except for materials belonging to third parties.
• Accessing our Bank's website by our customers/visitors means that they accept the above terms and our Bank reserves the right to change and update the terms in this legal notice without prior notice.