Mobile Banking

The new Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Mobile Banking application is now in use!
As Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan, as always, we continue to increase the range of products and services, thinking of our customers. Our mobile banking application "Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan" is already in use.
Through our new mobile banking application, our customers always have the opportunity to perform all banking operations that can be performed on the online platform using mobile devices without visiting the bank.
Services you can use in Mobile Banking:
• Accounts: Current / Savings Accounts (Account Transactions, Withdrawals (Excell, PDF))
• Cards: Debit / Credit (Transactions, Status update, SMS notification settings, Loan payment, Payment plan)
• Money Transfers: Account to Card / Card to Account, Card to Card (domestic, foreign), Intra-Bank Transfers, Domestic Transfers, Account / Card Currency Transfers (SWIFT), Currency Transfer Tracking, Future Transactions, Cash Transactions, Recorded Transactions
• Payments: HOP, Tax, Mobile, Telephone, Utility, Internet, Bank fees, Tuition, etc.
• Credit Accounts: Loans, Payments, Payment Plan, Transaction Date, Tracking Details
• Currency: Currency Buy / Sell, Cross Currency, Exchange Rates
• Corporate: Approval, monitoring, delegation of powers, etc. by the authorized person.
Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan mobile application with a convenient interface, fast and unique is equipped with Biometric, SMS, Hard OTP and identification tools to protect your security.
You can use the mobile application by downloading it from Android and iOS mobile markets.