Human Resources

Ziraat bank consider human resources as its most valuable asset. In order to present competitive, modern and efficient service and to protect Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan from all kind of risks, having high qualified and motivated workers is very important. Ziraat Bank Turkey considers its leading position in Turkish Banking sector as a result of its high qualified workforce. That is why, the strategy determined by Ziraat Bank related to human resources will be followed in Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan, as it is followed by other Ziraat Bank subsidiaries.

In accordance with the approved organizational structure Ziraat Bank planning to hire adequate number of workers with ability of working skills which are higher than standard industry requirements. Bank staff who are professional in their field will play an important role in development of Banks activity. To achieve its goals and to create high qualified employee profile Ziraat Bank plans to recruit an experienced and professional staff. At the same time Ziraat Bank willing to provide with jobs educated and ambitious, but unexperienced young people. As a potential business expansion make it possible, Ziraat Bank plans to employ more staff. Organizational structure based on "cross-selling" and "customer satisfaction" principles, as well as local demand.

At the same time, the most important and updated aim of the Ziraat Bank and its subsidiaries is training of its workers. In order to keep up in fast changing world and with different requirements of its customers to ensure the most effective and efficient service to its customers at all levels, Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan offers to its workers internal training programs in all levels.

By partnering with most prestigious universities and training companies Ziraat Bank offers to its workers training programs at work and class rooms, in home country or abroad. This also including trainings in foreign sections. For training purpose of its future leaders Ziraat Bank offers to its workers best professional training and personal development programs. Ziraat Bank establish its first and only school “Ziraat Bank School” in Turkey and give opportunity to its staff from all Ziraat Bank Subsidiary Banks to receive their trainings in that school. The training programs has been fully provided with conferences, expert groups, job trainings, personal development classes and etc. and with social facilities, modern training centers and qualified trainers.