Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our strategic goal is to be more than an innovative bank that is flexible wherever it operates, including digital sales channels, is a reliable partner that fully meets the needs of its partners, values technological innovation and provides quality service, considers its customers and human resources as the most valuable asset at every stage, also to be a promising, reliable, valuable and exemplary bank.

Our Mission

The mission of the bank is to operate according to the following characteristics:

- Understands the needs and expectations of its partner by analyzing it from their own perspective and develops and offers the most suitable solution for their needs.

- It offers the fastest and most efficient products and services to customers through service structures and digital platforms.

- To operate efficiently and profitably in accordance with international standards, taking into account ethical values and social responsibility

- Based on the principles of long-term cooperation with its partners

- Customer satisfaction is the first priority.

- Encourages the development of economic relations, serving to increase trade between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

- It provides financial and banking services in trade relations between the countries where Ziraat Finance Group operates and entrepreneurs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

- To focus on priority areas determined by the economic and financial policies of the Azerbaijan Republic.

- To be a bank that supports business projects for the creation and development of import and export oriented production and services in full, flexible and most favorable terms.


Banking Strategy

- Playing the role of financial intermediation in Azerbaijan and the development of economic relations between the private sector and public institutions of the Republic of Turkey, to expand the exchange of experience between our countries, the                      economic and financial cooperation to ensure a positive contribution to sustainable development

- To provide the necessary financial and banking services for entrepreneurs in the countries where Ziraat Finance Group operates to invest in the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

- Providing necessary financial and consultancy services to local and international companies operating in agriculture, industrial production, telecommunication, tourism, construction and other priority fields in the Republic of Azerbaijan for the effective          implementation of current and future investment activities

- The most important being the mediator in bilateral trade and investment activities between Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey.

- Meeting the needs of Turkish investors for banking services in Azerbaijan

- Employees living in the Republic of Turkey and Azerbaijan living in Azerbaijan Republic with citizens and employees of financial services to meet the full needs of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey and efficiently.

- To contribute to the development of Azerbaijan's banking sector.