Deposit For Legal

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC has been a member of the Deposit Insurance Fund since May 15, 2015. According to the decision made by the Deposit Insurance Fund, starting from July 1, 2019, the maximum annual interest rate on protected deposits in the national currency is set at 12%, and in foreign currency - 2.5%. Deposits which are placed above this mentioned interest rate are not protected and no compensation is paid for these deposits.
From February 1, 2016, the period of exemption from income tax for the annual interest income paid on deposits of individuals has been extended 7 year.That means it has been extended until  February 2023.

 Standard Deposit Product

Looking for the ways to increase your cash? Then Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC offers you the deposits on the following conditions. 


Minimum Deposit Amount

  • 1 000 AZN/USD/EUR

Interest Payment Form

  • Monthly, once in three months and at the end of the period

Extension of the Period

  • If the deposit is not taken by the Depositor on the last day of the expiry of the contract stipulated in the contract,the contract is prolongled under the same conditions with the interest rate applicable in the Bank on the day of the contract expiry.

Withdrawal of the Deposit ahead of Schedule

  • When the Deposit Agreement is terminated by the customer ahead of the expiration date then the interest payments paid to customer till that day are removed from the main account and interests are calculated from the annual interest rate for the term of the deposit under 0.5% for AZN, 0.2% for USD, 0.1% for EUR and paid to customer.


Annual Interest Rates for corporate customers are set individually.