Retail Banking Services

1. Settlement (payment) services

Opening a Bank Account – Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC customers can open the bank account in our bank in Azerbaijan manat (AZN), Euro (EUR), USD dollar (USD), Turkish Lira (TRY), Russian rubles (RUB) and other freely rotating currencies on the basis of the following documents.

  • Application for opening account
  • Document verifying the identity of client
  • Specimen of signature
  • Bank account agreement

Inflows and outflows of funds from accounts

2. Currency exchange transactions

  • Implementation of foreign currency exchange over the daily buying and selling rates determined by the Bank.

3. Transfers

  • Implementation of money transfers in the country and to foreign countries on the basis of customer’s payment instructions.
  • Transfers to Turkey Ziraat Bank with our ZFG product have time-saving and convenient services fee.

4. Withdraw money from current accounts in Ziraat Bank A.Ş. on the basis of the customer’s instruction

  • If you have an account in Ziraat Bank A.S. in Turkey then you can easily withdraw cash money from your account in our Bank.