Corporate PIN Delivery (PIN Set)

You can set a PIN code for your new card via the Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan website using  the PIN delivery (PIN SET) service . Please, take the following steps:  

  • Click to the following link;
  • Enter your Permanent Account Number (PAN- the 16 digits on the front of your card), expiration date and CVV code in the appropriate window;
  • You will receive an sms with the code to your verified number (the number which you have registered on your bank account).  Add PIN you want to assign to your card  instead of the boxes marked with *  to the code received  and  enter the numbers on a new page opened on the web-site. For example, you received a code via SMS *715**8*31 (PIN you want to assign is 4567). In the opened cell you have to add numbers in the following way: 4715568731
  • Press Ok button. Your PIN Code has been set!
  • Approach any bank ATM, insert the card into the ATM and type your new PIN code. Your PIN has been confirmed!

*You can use your PIN code for online purchases and FREE CONTACT POS-terminal payments up to 100 AZN without confirmation at an ATM!