Evin Ziraat Bankdan

Requirements to the customer

Azerbaijan citizenship

Minimum age for the loan is determined as 22 years. 

Closing date of the loan must not exceed the retirement age of the loaner.

Loan Amount

Amount of the loan can be maximum 70 % of liquid value of the property

The loan is allocated to purchase a property in Turkey.


Real estate what is bought through mortgage loan should be placed as collateral to the Bank. (additional documents can be required)

Term 6 up to 60 month

Payment Terms Monthly Annuity


In the process of buying a house, our bank assists the client in the valuation of the house and other mortgage operations through the companies we have contracted, and in the implementation of insurance operations we assist customer through the "Turkiye Sigorta".

30% initial payment and main amount must to be paid by the buyer to the seller's account with the Turkish Ziraat Bank after the real estate collateral process is completed.

•       Expertise, mortgage and insurance costs are paid by the loan customer.