Green Automobile Credit

Protecting Nature
In recent years, the effects of natural disasters and climate change are experienced at high levels all over the world. One of the biggest causes of global warming is accepted as emissions and carbon emissions caused by both domestic uses and existing production processes. As Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan, we carry out our activities by determining the financing of improvement costs and investments in this direction as our main target.

Buying Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Is Now Easier With Our Green Vehicle Loan!

Whether you decide on the vehicle you want to buy, whether 0 km or second hand, take advantage of Ziraat Bank Green Vehicle Loan with a maturity of up to 48 months for Electric vehicles and 36 months for Hybrid vehicles with affordable interest rates.


  • Can be used for 0 km or second hand vehicles
  • Up to 48 months for electric vehicles and up to 36 months for hybrid vehicles
  • If the electric car is less than 3 years (0-36 months) from the date of manufacture, the loan amount is up to 90% of the car's value. 
  • For hybrid motor vehicles, if the period from the date of manufacture is less than 1 year (0-12 months), the loan amount is up to 80% of the value of the vehicle, and between 1 and 3 years (13-36) it is 60% of its value. 
  • FİFD: Electric car min 14,96%, max 16,72%; Hibrid car min 16,44%, max 18,73%
  • The vehicle subject to the loan is considered as the collateral of the loan.
  • CASCO insurance of the vehicle purchased with credit is used as insurance.
  • Credit is offered in AZN currency. (Persons who receive their salary in foreign currency can benefit from our vehicle loan in foreign currency.)



Note: Citizens of Azerbaijan and Turkish Republics* can benefit from Ziraat Bank Green Vehicle Loan.

* Citizens of the Republic of Turkey must have a temporary or permanent residence permit and their main place of work must be in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

If you want to benefit from Ziraat Bank Green Vehicle Loan, you can apply to our branches in Baku, Sumgait and Ganja.