Operational Risk

Operational risk, results of the bank's internal processes inability or failure errors as a result of human resources, external factors that occurred in the system and the bank's risk. Operating risks include the following:

Human resources risk: Human resource risk: violation of employees of the bank the legal standards and internal rules of established by the bank and as a result loss (expenses) of the bank.

Bank human resources personnel policy in the right direction with respect to the risk management and the implementation of effective risk management structure, which allows the organization predicts.

The quality and skills training to increase the professionalism of the employees of the bank and takes appropriate steps to preserve the quality of work standards. Bank of the Central Bank's management of human resources, "Human Resources and Compliance Standards" of the established key.

The system risk: is the result of bank systems and the technologies emerging problems arising from the reason expenditures (losses). Therefore, any losses arising out of the system or technology, human resources, errors etc.

The system of risk management and risk are likely to be able to detect the direction of the work in coordination with the Bank's information technology department has been held responsible. To ensure information security of the Bank of the Central Bank, "Standard for Information Technology" will be held on the basis of the relevant standards.

Process risk: Bank errors or different operating rules and business processes and the types of activities that cover the risk arising from the absence of regulations. Liquidity risk, in order to govern, to ensure the appropriate business processes through analysis of the risks and possible prevention are likely to be prepared for the work processes.

Legal risk: The Bank's as a result of risk that non-compliance with the agreements made in the existing legislation and regulations. The cause of reasoning of this risk that the bank's failure to follow the instructions of the existing laws of the country and control of the body, can be considered a breach of contract or failure to comply with the terms.