Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC has announced its official opening

“Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” OJSC what is subsidiary of the “Ziraat Bank” in Azerbaijan starts its operation. Founded with 50 000 000 AZN investment the bank in the first stage will serve in “Icharishahar” branch. “Ziraat Bank Azerbaycan OJSC” what is “Ziraat Bank” ‘s new power in the region, will contribute to increase trade between two friend and brother countries.

Ziraat Bank continued to improve its presence abroad, in the way to become a global bank, it continues its existence plans in new countries by making its presence more intense at the stategic geographies.

Making its objective to meet bank’s demand in most efficient way in the way of financing activities that add value to the Azerbaijan economy “Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” targeting to play important role in countries economy, and development of foreign trade between the countries with strengthening economic relationship.

Beside Azerbaijan “Ziraat Bank” has subsidiary banks abroad in Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Montenegro. Ziraat Bank has operations in more than 90 points in 18 countries with representations and offices.