Smart Safes have been introduced to facilitate cash flow in Azerbaijan

To make cash flow easier at the bank,  " Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan" OJSC provides its customers with modern self-service. For the first time in Azerbaijan, the customers of the bank can deposit sums directly on their account without waiting on a queue and additional documentation.

Advantages of Smart Safe:

1. Money is delivered on time;

2. Receipt on current account without waiting (via online integration);

3. Security (when the receipt is entered on the device, it is deemed to be accepted by the bank);

4. Time is saved;

5. A useful alternative of the cash.

According to the head of the Branch, Smart Safe positively effects the work of the Branch, such as: no queues at the bank any more, increased customer satisfaction, the internal processes of the bank are carried out more rapidly now.

Head of sales of “Halal” company Said Mardaliyev: “We believe this project is very promising and we already see demand for this technology”.

At present Smart Safe is used at the Branch of Ziraat Bank for AZN and USD transactions. Taking into consideration the interest and demand for Smart Safes, it is expected to improve the device in future.